Posted on 30-May-2020

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Intimate Care - Herbal Sanitary Pads

How it works?

The latest technology ensures the production of sanitary napkins’ bumpy surface structure, their air permeability of the base layer, made with 100% natural cotton. This ensures the highest degree of hygroscopicity of the pads and excludes the possibility of stasis symptoms, prevents irritation, burning and itching.

Phytoncides and essential oils contained in sanitary napkins have a very close contact with the genital mucosa, which contains a large amount of blood vessels and nerve plexus. They sensitive penetrate into the woman’s body, exerting a local effect and an overall healing (they operate on the principle of dry compress).

Night is the time to restore your strength, extra tension is absolutely not needed. Serenity and contentment are extremely important for good sleep. Nephrite Freshness, Herb Night Sanitary Pads, Super will care for your tranquil sleep! They protect you and your health and not only your underwear!

Nephrite Freshness, Herb Night Sanitary Pads, Super are a new generation of personal hygiene products with the patented phytocomplex that was worked out in the Guangzhou scientific research institution.

Herbs included in the complex:
- eliminate bacteria and unpleasant odour;
- relieve itching and irritations;
- help to normalize menstrual period;
- care for women’s health, give the feeling of comfort and freshness.
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